Nirmal Scaria
Developer & Student
I like making beautiful, stable and magical things with code.
I also share code as open source for others to use.

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About me

I am a software engineer specialising in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences. Currently I am pursuing my Post Graduation in Computer applications from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.


Skill level : Advanced
Focus area : Security, DOM manipulation, OAuth
Developed browser extension Le Git Graph


Skill level : Expert
Focus area : Maps, architecture, animations
Created open source package Label Marker


Skill level : Beginner
Focus area : SwiftUI, JSON parsing, animations
Completed one month internship in Swift


Skill level : Expert
Focus area : Git internals, Git graph
Created a git graph extension Le Git Graph


Skill level : Expert
Focus area : Realtime DB, authentication, cloud functions
Used in Le Git Graph and Transiton


Skill level : Advanced
Focus area : RDS, EC2, S3
Used RDS and EC2 in Transiton